P-Card program management tools

Got money left in your budget? Instead of buying more office supplies that your organization does not need, get two valuable P-Card program management tools: a guide on revitalizing program policies and procedures, and a customizable risk assessment template. A single electronic copy of each totals a mere $119.98. Visit the store at: https://www.recharged-education.com/store/. Need convincing? Following is more information and a sneak peek of both resources.

If you work for a provider organization and want to obtain these resources to give to clients, there is a license option you can purchase for unlimited distribution.

Revitalizing Your P-Card P&P

With 20+ pages of content, the guide ($29.99) includes:

  • a list of topics to include 
  • tips for your P-Card Intranet home page
  • procedure writing best practices
  • examples of procedure formats
  • sample survey to obtain users’ feedback 
  • sample text you can customize
  • checklists to evaluate key sections
  • guidance on content development

Sneak Peek of Procedure Writing Advice

Design matters. I have seen too many P&P manuals comprised of large, unappealing text-heavy paragraphs. To give them new life, the guide recommends separating general information from procedures and making procedures more prominent. Courtesy of a 2016 blog post, here are “before” and “after” examples.

Before a revitalization effort, the steps are buried in the text block and the passive voice adds to the dullness.  

P&P before.png

The revised version reflects a script format to separate the tasks by job role. Each action begins with a verb and speaks to the person responsible.

P&P after.png

Assessing Your P-Card Program Risk

The Excel template ($89.99) includes nine worksheets for a program manager to complete, based on these topics:

  1. Program Overview
  2. Policies and Procedures
  3. Card Issuance
  4. Card Controls
  5. Card Usage and Activity
  6. Card Cancellation
  7. Accounting Processes
  8. Information Security
  9. Program Administrator/Manager

In all, there are more than 100 questions, providing a robust evaluation of P-Card controls.

Sneak Peek of Program Overview Information

To begin a P-Card risk assessment, document general facts about the program, such as:

  • date of the last risk assessment
  • program changes since then
  • year of program implementation
  • department responsible for program management
  • current card issuer
  • current number of cardholders/accounts
  • targeted dollar threshold for P-Card purchases
  • program metrics and benefits (to highlight the value of P-Cards)
  • information about internal card fraud cases (to put fraud into perspective)

This helps everyone who might review the assessment become more familiar with the program.

See also other content related to controls and fraud.

Please visit the store to see more and make a purchase: https://www.recharged-education.com/store/

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