How to Revitalize Your Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures

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How to Revitalize Your Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures


A Practical Guide for Program Managers and Administrators

Updated in 2019 with additional content

Are your Purchasing Card policies and procedures (P&P) helping or hurting your program? How do you know? Repeated cardholder questions and compliance issues are two signs that your P&P are due for a reassessment. This guide (PDF) walks you through five building blocks of effective P&P, so you can identify gaps within your organization’s P-Card P&P and make improvements.

With more than 20 pages of content, you will receive:

  • a list of topics to include within your P-Card P&P

  • tips for your P-Card Intranet home page

  • procedure writing best practices

  • examples of procedure formats

  • sample survey to obtain users’ feedback on the P&P

  • sample text you can customize

  • checklists to evaluate key sections

  • guidance on content development

Revitalizing the P-Card P&P will allow you to reap the resulting rewards, including program growth.

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