Identify your card program priorities.

With the start of a new calendar year, there is always a looming question of how you can improve the card program. Fix the pain before you pursue more gain. In my list of 16 annual housekeeping tasks for program fitness, #16 is “identify program priorities for the year ahead.” To help you do this, I have developed a simple (and complimentary) spreadsheet. See below to learn more and access the file.

About the Spreadsheet

  • It includes 22 program components for you to rate, using an established rating scale. 
  • Automatic counts for each rating are displayed at the bottom.
  • Components you rate less than “good” represent your biggest opportunities—things to prioritize this year.

As a single page, the spreadsheet offers a quick program snapshot. Consider sharing it with management and developing a related presentation to highlight both program strengths and opportunities. Explain your rationale for each rating and compare your program to best practices.   

Finally, if you are seeking the list of annual P-Card housekeeping tasks referred to above, please click here.


What will you pursue first?

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2017 Contributors

I extend a special thank you to those who contributed to the blog last year:

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  • JoAnn DeLuna, The BTN Group / Northstar Travel Group
  • Shanda Goodwin, Heartland Financial USA
  • Michael Campbell, Radiate Presentation Design
  • Theresa Blatner (end-user), Southern Company Gas

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