P-Card Training

Who should be trained and when?

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Prior to Card Issuance

It is critical to train cardholders and their managers on Purchasing Card policies and procedures (P&P), and their respective roles, prior to card issuance. Keep the training meaningful by avoiding topics that are not relevant at this stage, such as how to reconcile transactions. Update this training whenever P&P change. 

See tips from an end-user that address both trainees and trainers, including what to prepare for that you might not expect.

Refresher P-Card Training

To ensure cardholders and managers stay current, incorporate refresher training as part of the requirements. It could be on an annual basis or whenever a card is scheduled to renew. Include:

  • any P&P changes

  • key points that everyone should know

  • P&P for which you receive regular inquiries

  • areas in which there have been compliance issues

  • new types of scams and fraud trends

Involve senior management, so the training directive comes from the top. See related blog post about annual P-Card training...

Training Due to Non-Compliance

Many organizations mandate additional training in cases of repeated non-compliance. For this purpose, ensure the designated training focuses on the specific issue(s). Also recognize when extra training is not the best answer. For example, if the problem is late reconciliation of transactions, is this because the cardholder does not know how to do so (and would benefit from more training) or because he or she does not pay attention to the deadlines? The latter cause is a job performance issue versus a need for more training. 

The Value of Quizzes

Requiring employees to pass a quiz in conjunction with any type of training provides proof that they know the answers to key questions. 

Tip: Offer a multiple-choice quiz and, within each question, provide a link to where the answer resides within online P&P. After all, you just want people to know what the answer is. If they have to look up the answer, so be it; at least they are learning.

Obtain quiz tips and access example questions

Training for P-Card Program Managers

Hire the right person (or people) to manage the card program, but also encourage them to expand their knowledge and skills through relevant training. Allow them to attend educational industry events (in-person and virtual) and pursue related training (e.g., how to create dynamic presentations). Share articles that might help them on the job. Ask them to participate in work groups/projects that could impact the card program (e.g., the selection of a new ERP system).

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