When implementing a Purchasing Card program for the first time, a common mistake by organizations is conducting a request for proposal process before understanding the internal P-Card opportunity and developing a program framework. Take the time to complete the following steps in the listed order.


P-Card Help

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12-Step Path to Implementation Success

  1. Gain a thorough P-Card education, including the benefits.

  2. Research your organization’s P-Card opportunity.

  3. Prepare a business case.

  4. Obtain management and cross-departmental buy-in.

  5. Develop the framework for a P-Card program.

  6. Conduct an RFP process to select a card issuer.

  7. Work with the issuer to plan for implementation.

  8. Begin with a pilot program; test everything.

  9. Evaluate pilot; revise as needed.

  10. Roll out the full program.

  11. Monitor and adjust.

  12. Transition to program management.

Implementation Pitfalls

  • Lack of project planning

  • Lack of leadership

  • No dedicated resources

  • Skipping steps

  • Rushing the process

  • Remaining in perpetual pilot