Purchasing Card Overview

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eBook_P-Card Overview cover.jpg

Purchasing Card Overview


Are you, your colleagues, or clients new to Purchasing Cards and in need of a quick overview? Is your organization considering or pursuing P-Card program implementation? This short e-book takes 10 minutes or less to read, but provides the fundamentals, including tips for program implementation success.


  • Page 2: What is a Purchasing Card?

  • Page 3: Who Uses Purchasing Cards?

  • Page 4: Why Use Purchasing Cards?

  • Page 5: Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Processes

  • Page 6: List of P-Card Benefits

  • Page 7: Typical Drivers for Implementing a Purchasing Card Program

  • Page 8: Examples of Purchases Made with a P-Card

  • Pages 9 and 10: 12 Primary Steps for P-Card Program Implementation

  • Page 11: Additional Tips for Success

Providers, unlike the other two products from Recharged Education that require you to purchase a license to distribute, you can share this item with clients as desired.

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