Top 5 Commercial Card Posts of 2018

Internal fraud, interchange, payment industry realities, and Commercial Card program communications—the most popular blog posts by Recharged Education in 2018 span a wide range of topics. Did you miss valuable content and tips? Offered below are the top five posts and an introductory description of each.

  1. Why Employee Use of Personal Cards is a Gamble

    If your organization still allows employees to use their personal cards for business expenses and then get reimbursed, it is worth another look. This post notes how employees can alter electronic receipts (e.g., emails, PDFs) to receive a higher reimbursement amount.

    Update: Within their emails, Uber now includes a link to download a PDF receipt. Someone recently told me that these PDFs are not editable (making them better than the email version), but I could still edit an Uber PDF from this month.

  2. Get a Clearer View of Interchange

    Educating suppliers about card acceptance can be a daunting task, but it is often necessary when implementing or growing a card program. This post features an article by CardConnect that addresses the interchange portion of card acceptance fees, providing key information that could help in your next discussion with a supplier. 

  3. Internal Fraud Results in Prison Time

    False mileage reports, false expense reimbursement requests, and personal use of the company card comprise the crimes committed by a former Allina Health vice president. Read the post to see what he did and how it was caught more than 10 years after it started, as well as tips to glean from the case.

  4. The Payments Iceberg: Innovation and Realities

    While at the 2018 Cards and Payments on Campus Conference by PDG, I attended sessions about emerging technology that dazzle the mind and represent the tip of the iceberg. Yet, I also encountered—as I do every time I am at an event—challenges that have plagued end-user organizations for decades. It’s the reality that sits solidly under water. As a result, I formed three conclusions, as shared in this post.

  5. Open Up Your Card Program Communication Plan

    What’s left to do after you have perfected your Commercial Card training options? Answer: Maintain the momentum. Training should not be left as isolated events. Supplement those efforts with a broad communication plan that goes beyond email. This post describes eight ways to keep the learning opportunities open. 

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In 2018, various individuals contributed, including: Karla DeSimone, end-user; Julie Miguel, CPCP, Tension Corporation; Jennifer Hart Barb, CPCP, James Madison University; Angelo Grecco, CardConnect; and Mary Schaeffer, AP Now.

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