Open Up Your Card Program Communication Plan

What’s left to do after you have perfected your Commercial Card training options? Answer: Maintain the momentum. Training should not be left as isolated events that occur pre-card issuance and annually. Supplement those efforts with a broad communication plan that goes beyond email. Below are eight ways to keep the learning opportunities open.  

Communication Strategies

Many of the following options are quick additions, but others take more time. Before you add anything to your to-do list, evaluate the cost versus benefit and whether a particular initiative could have a positive impact on your program. 

1. On-demand training

Make any electronic-based training that cardholders and managers have already taken accessible on demand in case anyone wants to review again.  

2. “Cheat sheet” of key points

For example, some cardholders might appreciate a summary of what to use their cards for (and what is prohibited). For manager-approvers, a list of what they should look for when reviewing cardholders’ transactions could be helpful.

3. Post-training follow-up

As described within a past post on extending training, consider scheduling a 15-minute meeting or call with a new cardholder a couple days (or even a week or two) after they complete the initial training. This gives them the chance to ask questions and share their early experiences with card use.

4. Newsletters

Some organizations have had success with quarterly or monthly Commercial Card program newsletters. See one end-user’s experience and acquire related tips.

5. Short videos on specific topics

In our YouTube-centric world, quick “how to” videos accessible through your Intranet can make cardholders more comfortable, boost compliance, and reduce FAQs. For example, demonstrate how to order online with your office supplies vendor and/or how to reconcile transactions. 

6. Online links to submit a question

Within each section of your online policies and procedures manual, consider adding a link or contact form, so employees can easily submit a question about the content they are looking at. 

7. Alerts within the program technology

Can you add an eye-catching message within the login screen or home page of your card program technology? If yes, do so when you need to announce an important change or reminder, but avoid overuse, which can make readers oblivious to such messages.

8. Meetings with individual departments

Such meetings allow you to address the unique needs of each department. It helps build rapport, which can motivate program participants to maximize card usage.

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Keeping the learning opportunities open contributes to a well-managed Commercial Card program.

Keeping the learning opportunities open contributes to a well-managed Commercial Card program.

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