Top 5 Commercial Card Posts of 2017

Did you miss key content (and valuable tips) in 2017? The five most popular blog posts by Recharged Education are provided below. Take a look to see what could help advance your Commercial Card efforts. Judging by the first two, organizations are clearly interested in broadening their card programs.

  1. Getting EAP in the door: Obtain five important points to stress in your business case for an electronic accounts payable/ePayables solution.

  2. Virtual Card acceptance made easy: Learn about supplier challenges and a solution that can help them.

  3. Two Supreme Court decisions: This post from last March pertains to industry litigation, as well as state laws involving surcharging. Speaking of surcharging, there have been more rulings at a state level, most recently in California. See surcharge news past and present...

  4. Danger signs of card misuse: Read about a case of card abuse by an executive and see examples of what your organization should pay attention to.

  5. Newsletters can boost communication: Using multiple communication channels, as well as repeating key messages, are best practices for delivering Commercial Card information within your organization. One option to consider is publishing a newsletter. Acquire guidance to help make your newsletter a success.


As always, Recharged Education will continue to make Commercial Card industry education readily accessible to all through the blog and other online resources. In addition, submit a contact form if 2018 is a year in which your organization could use some external expertise. Recharged Education provides fee-based services, such as customized training, consulting, and content development. Learn more...

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