A quiz can enhance training.

Requiring cardholders and their managers to pass a quiz in conjunction with their initial P-Card training and/or annually helps confirm their understanding of key points, policies and procedures. Like any initiative, a successful quiz requires good planning. Following are quiz tips and example questions for your consideration.


A quiz does not need to be long to be effective. In many cases, 10 questions are enough to cover important material without causing “test fatigue.”


An electronic tool that can present a quiz and also score each one is ideal. Ask your management if such a system is already available within your organization. If not, inquire about your options. 

Tips for Writing Quiz Questions 

I gleaned the following tips when I chaired the Purchasing Card Professional Certification Council for the CPCP program:

  • Avoid questions containing “not,” such as “Which type of purchase is NOT allowed on a P-Card?” 
  • Focus on important content. Do not test on trivia, such as “In what year did the organization implement a P-Card program?”
  • Keep the questions as concise as possible.
  • Offer distinct answer options rather than “all of the above” or “none of the above.”  
  • Try to make all answer options a similar length. 

Finally, allow others to review the quiz before finalizing.

A quiz supports training by confirming employees' understanding of the material.

A quiz supports training by confirming employees' understanding of the material.

Help is Available

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Example Questions

The examples below highlight the type of information you might want to include.

  • Why does the organization have a P-Card program? or What is a benefit of the P-Card program?
  • Who is authorized to use a P-Card?  
  • Where is the approved supplier list located?
  • By what date each month must cardholders reconcile their transactions? 
  • Within how many days of the Post Date may a cardholder dispute a transaction? 
  • What should the supporting documentation for each transaction include?
  • What should a cardholder do with the supporting documentation for each transaction? 
  • What is the P-Card single purchase/transaction limit? 
  • What is the first step for requesting a temporary limit change?
  • Are gift card purchases allowed on a P-Card? or substitute other purchase types, such as travel expenses

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