Rebate FAQs

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Q: Does every end-user organization receive a P-Card rebate from its issuer?
A: No. Some are not offered rebate incentives at all; for example, if the card program is too small, based on the issuer’s established criteria. Even if offered these incentives, an organization might fail to earn a rebate if they cannot meet the minimums of the contracted rebate terms. Any such minimums typically serve to recover the card issuer’s costs associated with serving/supporting a program. Also, do not expect to be offered the same incentives in other countries as what you are offered in the United States; U.S. rebate incentives tend to be the highest.

Q: What is the typical rebate amount? If our annual spend is $______, what should our rebate be?
A: When incentives are offered, the contract details will vary from one end-user to another. Every contract is unique, but there are some common elements.

Q: Are rebates the biggest benefit that an organization receives by using P-Cards?
A: Dollar-for-dollar, rebates are lower than the average process savings an organization achieves through P-Card usage. Refer to the example on the P-Card benefits webpage.