Three things to celebrate.

Established in January 2014, Recharged Education is now three years old with a lot to celebrate. When I started this business, I initially called it my two-year experiment, committed to seeing it through the end of 2015 and then evaluating from there. Here we are, though, three years later and I still feel recharged. My passion is helping organizations improve their purchase-to-pay strategies, specifically through the usage of Commercial Cards. In honor of Recharged Education’s mission, I am celebrating three things, beginning with people.


I thank you—readers, subscribers, and contributors who give life to this P-Cards Refocused blog. There is now a collection of more than 100 blog posts. Those who contributed to the blog content in 2016 include:

  • Isaac Balasundaram, Missouri State University

  • BMO Financial Group

  • Julie Conroy, Aite Group

  • Vince Eavis, PayTech Commercial AS

  • Governing Institute

  • Greg Hamilton, Mastercard

  • Frank Martien, First Annapolis Consulting

  • Jessica Perdue, CPCP, The Nature Conservancy

  • Chad Robison, CPCP, Intermountain Healthcare

  • Bogdan Roman, end-user

  • Mary Schaeffer, AP Now

  • Dana Simms, City of Lenexa

  • Rick Swartwood, CPCP, end-user

Please contact me if you are interested in contributing in the future.

In addition, many organizations have utilized the other part of my business—fee-based products and services. This includes customized training, content development, and consulting. Submit a contact form to relay your needs or see examples of customized products and services Recharged Education can develop for you, whether your organization is a provider or end-user. 

Recharged Education is three years old this month with a lot to celebrate.

Recharged Education is three years old this month with a lot to celebrate.

Industry Evolution

When I started in this industry in the 1990s, it was all about plastic cards. Program management technology was limited and there was a lack of educational resources to help end-user organizations develop their card programs. Today is completely different. Plastic has become more sophisticated with smart chips. Technology thrives. Commercial Card solutions, including non-plastic options, are abundant and diverse. Fintech companies are proliferating. The list goes on. It is an exciting time to be part of the industry. This leads to the next point.  


The industry will continue to evolve. So, too, should organizations’ payment strategies and the professionals who support them. There is enormous opportunity. What can your organization do in 2017 to make its card programs stronger? How will you continue to be successful in your role and career? I plan to keep learning and sharing my knowledge to help others. Continuous improvement reaps rewards. Happy 2017!

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Blog post author Lynn Larson, CPCP, is the founder of Recharged Education. With more than 15 years of Commercial Card experience, her mission is to make industry education readily accessible to all. Learn more

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