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What can we gain from motivational speakers? A lot. The tough part is acting on their messages due to our ingrained routines and habits, but we should not give up. I am inspired to share what I heard last week at the Scotiabank Commercial Card conference.

Doug Keeley, The Mark of a Leader, told story after story about people who have accomplished amazing things against all odds. Here’s one: After reading a disturbing news story, a Canadian boy (age 12) founded an organization, Free The Children, to fight childhood slavery around the world. Very impressive. Hearing this, it would be easy to think, “I can’t do that” and then miss the real message. We can be leaders and make a positive difference, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, regardless of our status or situation. (See the P-Card success story of one end-user who initially lacked card experience.)

Doug emphasized that change is a choice. We choose to change or we stand still. He described various leadership attributes and the one that absolutely applies to everyone is helping others be their best. Consider your job. If you manage a card program, set your cardholders up for success through effective policies and procedures, and training. (See also the blog post about re-igniting a spark in your card program.) If you are an account manager for a provider organization, take the initiative to provide clients with ideas about how they can improve their programs; help program managers be their best.

Look around you. What direction can you take to demonstrate leadership?

Look around you. What direction can you take to demonstrate leadership?

There are endless ways in which we can be leaders. It does not have to consume a huge amount of time. My personal philosophy is “something is better than nothing.” This pushes me to take action even when I feel lacking in time, energy, confidence, etc. 

I challenge you (and myself) to spend at least 10 minutes each day doing something that fosters leadership. 

At work, this could mean you:

  • read an industry article relevant to your profession or employer, and report the findings to your manager
  • propose a new P-Card opportunity
  • extend a one-on-one training offer to a cardholder who seems to struggle with the responsibilities
  • listen to a colleague who is trying to resolve an issue

As Doug encouraged conference attendees, change something—stop doing or start doing…

If you have made a change as a result of a motivational speaker/writer, please add a comment below to relay your success story! 

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Blog post author Lynn Larson, CPCP, is the founder of Recharged Education. With more than 15 years of Commercial Card experience, her mission is to make industry education readily accessible to all. Learn more

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