Re-ignite a spark in your card program.

Has your card program become too routine, lacking the attention it deserves? It is never too late to give it a boost. I am sharing simple things you can do, inspired by my mother’s upcoming wedding. Bride and groom are both over 70, but they are throwing one heck of a party for more than 200 guests. Take a cue from this and create similar energy on the job. Your program could benefit from it.

Be Visible/Extend Invitations

Step away from your desk and say hello to cardholders. Ask about their biggest P-Card challenge (it could help drive program improvements). Thank them for their role in the program. Also expand your reach beyond cardholders. Raise awareness of the program and the many benefits by:

  • meeting one-on-one with internal business units, discussing their card usage and opportunities; provide reports with historical data, which also support control efforts per the previous blog post
  • offering 30-minute “lunch and learn” sessions open to the organization at large
  • participating in HR-hosted training for new managers

Maybe it’s time to assemble a new steering committee or advisory group to help guide and improve the program—much like such a team does during the initial implementation stage. 

Give your card program a spark of energy through a blend of promotion and celebration. 

Give your card program a spark of energy through a blend of promotion and celebration. 


Just as a big wedding can be acceptable at any age, there’s no reason why you should not share and celebrate achievements in the workplace. For example, celebrate:

You don’t have to go overboard. In some cases, simply announcing an achievement is a sufficient celebration.

Be Positive

Too often, there’s a negative energy hanging over a card program—overly prohibitive rules (“do not…”), magnifying a minor issue, only reporting what is wrong or could go wrong, etc. Regularly introduce some positivity to retain program interest and excitement.

The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.
— Denis Waitley

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