Sharing your knowledge is regifting at its best.

Is it ever okay to regift, as in giving a gift you have acquired to someone else? Many websites address this delicate topic, but, in the professional world, I think the answer is simple. Regift your knowledge. The beauty of it is, as the giver, you retain something valuable, but others receive value, too.

When I started in the Purchasing Card arena more than 16 years ago, I had no prior card experience, so I embarked on a quest for knowledge. Fortunately, I encountered many people who were willing to spend time teaching me about things relevant to P-Card program management. Knowledge sharing is something we can all do (see related blog post on leadership). It is what drove me to launch this company last January.

Part of the mission of Recharged Education is making Commercial Card education readily accessible to all at little to no cost. The industry as a whole is stronger when end-users, providers and suppliers possess the fundamentals to help make card programs successful.

I’m excited to wrap up the year with more than 30 posts to the P-Cards Refocused blog and other free education on many different topics. Go ahead and regift the Recharged Education URL ( to other industry professionals! I look forward to expanding the offerings in 2015. 

Sharing with others what we learn is the best form of regifting.

Sharing with others what we learn is the best form of regifting.

A Note of Gratitude

I thank the individuals who have contributed to the complimentary online content this year: Jeff Avery and Paul Sammer, Jennifer Clark, Dan DeBraal, Matthew Dragiff, Greg Evans, Steve Evans and Paul Musselman, Jack Jania, Tiffany Lovelace, Dan O'Neill, Richard Palmer. Contributing industry providers include: Bora Payment Systems LLC, First Annapolis, Gemalto, LIMA3 Systems, RPMG Research Corporation, SunGard, Wind River Financial.

About the Author

Blog post author Lynn Larson, CPCP, is the founder of Recharged Education. With more than 15 years of Commercial Card experience, her mission is to make industry education readily accessible to all. Learn more

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