“Lynn uses her amazing attention to detail and combines it with a passion for doing things well, which translates to outstanding outcomes again and again. I've seen Lynn go above and beyond countless times and deliver on her commitments with quality work that is articulated professionally and competently.

She is a rarity in business with her unique ability to mix advanced communication and organizational skills with a profound knowledge of corporate card programs and business operations that keeps her on top of her game. How refreshing that this is done with an always-positive attitude that drives cooperation, innovation, and results.“

— Peggy Lee, CPCP, Intermountain Healthcare

“I worked closely with Lynn for nearly seven years. As the content expert at the association, she was always willing to brainstorm better ways to develop and deliver relevant information for our complex audience. I had the privilege of co-presenting with Lynn at several events and was always impressed with her friendly training style and ability to keep a room engaged. 

Lynn came prepared to each event (workshop, session, webinar) with a thorough command of the material and—perhaps equally important—seed questions to get the audience engaged and comfortable. She consistently received the highest satisfaction ratings from attendees. Lynn is very organized and mindful of project scope and results. Whether striving to understand the culture and needs of an organization or changes in regulations and industry trends, Lynn is a quick study and not afraid to ask in-depth questions of her clients, colleagues and peers.“

— Lyssa Campbell, former colleague of Lynn's 


Attendee evaluations of Lynn’s June 2013 webinar, P-Card Program Improvements
and the Role of Procurement, included these comments:

  • I have always enjoyed sessions led by Lynn. The content was
    appropriate and gave me some new ideas to pursue. 

  • Lynn's voice was perfect. She didn't go too fast or too slow.

  • Lynn Larson always does such a professional job. Thank you.

  • The presentation covered a lot of ground, but flowed smoothly.
    There were several excellent takeaways.

For Lynn’s April 2012 full-day workshop, P-Card Program Management, all of the submitted evaluations rated the workshop overall as “excellent” or “very good.” Attendees’ comments included:

  • Lynn is very knowledgeable, keeping you informed and
    sharing/teaching topics that are relevant.

  • Lynn managed to keep an eight-hour workshop interesting
    and interactive, even during the afternoon.

  • Very good pace and opportunity for participants to add
    comments to the discussion.