Virtual Training

Seeking professional education from the comfort of your office? See below for details about these upcoming 2019 virtual training events:

  • July 25 webinar: Creating a Robust P-Card Policy and Procedures Manual

  • October 16 and 18 eWorkshop: Purchasing Card Audits—Best Strategies for Internal Audit

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Creating a Robust P-Card Policy and Procedures Manual

60-minute webinar

  • When: July 25, 2019, beginning at 1:00 PM ET

  • Hosted by: AP Now

  • Speaker: Lynn Larson, CPCP, Recharged Education

  • Intended audience: P-Card program managers and administrators

  • See details below or visit AP Now for more information, including registration


Can you remember the last time you thoroughly reviewed the P-Card policies and procedures and made revisions? If you are lucky, they are accurate, but this does not mean they are effective. They could be costing you in the form of repeated cardholder questions and serious compliance issues, adding up to an unnecessary drain on your time and resources. Now help is here!

Please join us, as Lynn Larson, CPCP, shares her considerable expertise on this issue. After this session you will be able to:

  • Evaluate your policies and procedures for five critical components

  • Identify the topics pertinent to your p-card operations so they can be included

  • Create p-card policies and procedures that are accurate AND effective

  • Incorporate procedure writing best practices

To register, visit AP Now.

Diversifying a Payment Strategy with Purchasing Cards and Electronic Payables

On-Demand Introductory Course

Delivered by Lynn Larson, CPCP, Recharged Education and hosted by Illumeo, an online professional development platform for CFOs and similar. Learn more about this course.

Purchasing Card Audits—Best Strategies for Internal Audit

Four-hour eWorkshop


Organizations of all kinds, including government entities, benefit from Purchasing Card (P Card) usage, but card fraud is a real risk. For optimal P-Card program success, effective and efficient controls that do not hamper card usage are critical. As internal auditors, you fulfill an important role in evaluating the existing controls and driving program improvements, thereby helping your organization maximize the value of P-Cards.

Part 1: Purchasing Card Overview
Before you can properly audit a P-Card program, you need to understand this unique tool, including how it works and how it compares to other payment methods. Hear about the risks, as well as external protections. Learn how to define your role in supporting the card program and the challenges you may face as an auditor in the public sector. Part 1 ends with an introduction to P-Card risk analyses.

Part 2: Strategies for Auditing a P-Card Program
Armed with a better understanding of P-Cards, you can lead the efforts to establish the right internal audit strategy for your organization. Part 2 is a deep dive into P-Card controls and elements you should audit during process audits and transaction audits.

Learning Objectives
Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the benefits of P-Cards.

  • Explain how the P-Card purchase-to-pay (P2P) process differs from other processes.

  • Convey elements of the P-Card control environment, which form the basis of audits.

  • Identify common control gaps and ways to resolve them.

  • Specify relevant criteria for transaction audits.

  • Design process audits for testing existing controls.

    To register, visit The IIA.