Lessons learned from having to redo P-Card refresher training.

I’m a big advocate of annual P-Card refresher training for cardholders and their managers, but I had to learn the hard way about what not to do. Three notable things emerged in conjunction with my first attempt.

Select the Right Person to Deliver the Message

Initially, I was the one to send the email to cardholders and managers, relaying the need for them to complete a 10-question, multiple-choice P-Card quiz. This equated to me giving work direction to managers above me in the organizational hierarchy. Wrong.

Lesson: Participants are more amenable to mandated annual training when the directive comes from upper management who explain the rationale and stress the importance of the training.

Also, if your organization mandates other kinds of annual training, this can improve their acceptance of P-Card training.

Be Specific About the Training Requirement

In my case, participants could complete the designated quiz at their convenience by a certain date. What I didn’t address was the passing score. Some people took the quickest path possible by selecting the same answer option (e.g., “B” or “C”) for every question. Clearly they were not taking it seriously.

Lesson: Communicate the passing score and what happens if someone does not pass, such as required attendance at classroom training.

Pinpoint the factors that contribute to a successful Purchasing Card training program.

Pinpoint the factors that contribute to a successful Purchasing Card training program.

Make the Training Relevant

I had included some quiz questions that pertained to specific types of purchases that did not apply to all cardholders. One cardholder called me out on this; I agreed that he raised a valid concern.

Lesson: Focus on key points that everyone should know, such as the P-Card purchase-to-pay process, allowed purchases, dollar limits, the purpose of transaction reconciliation, etc.

When it was time for me to initiate annual training for the second time, things went much more smoothly as a result of the lessons learned the first time.

How can you improve your organization’s P-Card training initiatives? Small tweaks can make a positive difference.

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