Re-inject simplicity into your Commercial Card programs.

As Digital Transactions reported last week, Visa will reduce its operating rules later this year to become more user-friendly for issuers, acquirers and suppliers. Follow Visa’s lead by ensuring your Commercial Cards are easy to use. Your cardholders will thank you (or at least they won’t complain as much).

Purchasing Cards

Is your P-Card program too restrictive, making it difficult for cardholders to know what is and is not allowed? Complicated and/or unclear rules and processes will stagnate the program. Per my P-Card policies and procedures (P&P) guide, use positive language within policies to encourage card usage and present the P&P in ways that help cardholders complete tasks quickly. Place a brief explanation above the actual steps for a procedure rather than mixing throughout, which can slow them down.

Need additional help revitalizing your P&P? The guide is available for purchase for just $29.99.

Cut through the maze by simplifying Commercial Card rules, policies and procedures.

Cut through the maze by simplifying Commercial Card rules, policies and procedures.

Corporate Cards

What about your Corporate Travel Cards? Are you taking advantage of technology to ease the burdens of business travelers? In the article, Mobile & Commercial Cards: Helping Organizations Address T&E Challenges, author Dan O’Neill, First Annapolis Consulting, shares how combining mobile technology with Commercial Cards allows an organization to optimize its travel program through:

  • timely delivery of information
  • real-time control
  • streamlined reconciliation

For example, in some apps, cardholders can create an expense claim, either with imported Commercial Card data or data entered manually based on a cash or personal card transaction. Cardholders can take a photo of a receipt, upload and attach it to an expense item, and then throw away the paper receipt.

Just as Visa solicited and responded to feedback from its customers—the card issuers, merchant acquirers and merchants/suppliers—you should tap into your cardholders’ experiences. Learn about their pain points and then take action. Simplicity is often the best solution.

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