Is it time to revitalize your policies and procedures?

Find the perfect balance between effort and ease. My yoga instructor commonly offers this advice during a class, but its applicability is broader. Within the realm of P-Card programs, the effort is developing a solid foundation, including effective policies and procedures (P&P). Consider this: According to Bizmanualz, employees can spend 2–10% of their time looking for the right policy, procedure and/or form to do their job (and, of course, they sometimes don’t find anything). Imagine what this does to a P-Card program. Repeated cardholder questions and compliance issues are two signs that your P&P are due for a reassessment. With the right revitalization effort, ease follows.

If you manage a P-Card program, can you remember the last time you thoroughly reviewed the P&P? Speaking from personal experience, P&P are often the last thing that get attention because our plates are always too full. This is why I created a guide that walks you through five building blocks of effective P&P: accuracy, completeness, accessibility, readability and clarity. It includes various procedure-writing tips that I have acquired over time plus content specific to Purchasing Cards to help you identity what might be missing in your organization’s P&P. Please visit the store for details.

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Blog post author Lynn Larson, CPCP, is the founder of Recharged Education. With more than 15 years of Commercial Card experience, her mission is to make industry education readily accessible to all. Learn more

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